Luxembourg Jobs for Indians: Why Most of the Indians are looking for Luxembourg Jobs?

Everyone’s dream is different when they complete high school or graduation. One wants to become a doctor, pilot, or businessman, but the primary goal is to get a perfect and secure job for the future that is high paying.

Most Indians’ dream is to get a job abroad, as these jobs are high-paying and also increase one’s lifestyle. Getting a job in Luxembourg is one of the priorities of many job seekers, as Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe with a high per capita income.

But it’s not as easy to secure jobs in Luxembourg as you think. Let’s understand why most of the population of India and other countries wants to work in this country.

Why Consider Luxembourg Jobs?

Luxembourg Jobs

Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest and smallest countries in Europe. It is the 7th-smallest country on the European continent, but it is the most affluent country in Europe.

With its high GDP and high per capita income of over $115,000 in 2022, it provides a high standard of living to its citizens. Luxembourg’s economy largely depends on the steel, finance, and industrial sectors.

One of the main factors behind Luxembourg’s successful economy is its tax policy. It provides a low tax rate for corporations, allowing multinational or international companies to establish and operate there, and this is one of the factors for its successful economic growth. 

What Attracts the Job Seekers in Luxembourg?

Jobs in Luxembourg for Indians
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Various factors attract job seekers, and some of them are:

  1. With strict labor laws in Luxembourg, companies provide a good amount of salary to their employees.
  2. It offers a relatively low income tax rate, which makes employees earn and save more.
  3. Provides a stable work-life balance, and companies have flexible working hours.
  4. It provides a quality life as Luxembourg has a top-class health, social, and educational system, and public transport is free for all.
  5. The law includes a minimum of 26 paid days of leave per year and paid sick leave for employees working in Luxembourg.
  6. Employers also provide 13th-month bonus pay to their employees, in which the employer gives a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary at the end of the year.

Luxembourg Jobs for Indians

If you are an Indian or from any other country looking for a job in Lu, then there are some things that can help before applying for jobs in Luxembourg for Indians:

  1. Luxembourg has a multilingual and multinational job market where people speak more than one language along with English and Luxembourgish, but French and German are also essential for many jobs.
  2. There are fewer chances for freshmen to get a job in Luxembourg, as employers mainly look for skilled and experienced employees.
  3. According to World Salaries, the most demanded job sectors in Luxembourg are finance, healthcare, construction, legal advisory, IT, and human resources. So, if you apply in these sectors, there are high chances that you will get a job.
  4. The job may provide you with a high salary, but the living expenses are also high as it is an expensive country.

Benefits for Employees Working in Lu

There are various employee benefits provided by employers, and some of these benefits are mandatory according to the law. The benefits are:

According to the law of April 25, 2019, employees working in Luxembourg can take a minimum of 25 days of paid leave per year, along with maternity leave for up to 20 weeks and paternity leave for six months.

If the employee is sick or injured, sick paid leaves are also provided to the employee.

Overtime Bonus

As per the law, the working hours for employees are 40 hours per week, five days a week. Typically, an employee works 8 hours a day, but if they work overtime, which is more than 8 hours, then the employee gets overtime pay at a rate of 50% for the first two hours and 100% overtime pay if they work overtime for more than two hours.

And if you work during the weekends or public holidays, then you are eligible for overtime pay at a rate of 140%.

Fair minimum wages

According to the latest data from Statista, the minimum monthly income of an employee in Luxembourg is €2,570.93, which is the highest compared to other European countries.

Social Security Contribution

The employer and the employee both share a part of their salary for the social security contribution. The employer’s contribution is comparatively higher than the employee’s contribution to social security.

These contributions are later used to cover various benefits, like compensation for maternity or paternity leaves, unemployment benefits, pensions, healthcare, insurance, and more.

Work-Life Balance and Company Cars

Companies in Lu provide flexible working hours and remote work options so that employees can have a balanced work life.

Other benefits, like company cars for personal and work-related use, are also provided to the employees.

Gym Memberships

Companies provide free gym memberships or access to free company gyms to their employees, promoting the health and wellness of their employees.

Sometimes the employer gives a stipend, especially for a gym membership, yoga classes, or local gym equipment.

Top in-Demand Job Sectors in Luxembourg

According to Luxtoday, the most demanding job sectors in Lu’s job market are:

  1. Banking and finances
  2. Engineering, industry, and construction
  3. Healthcare and social services
  4. Legal and advisory
  5. Information technology
  6. Human resources and management

You can check out for more details.

How to Apply for Luxembourg Jobs

If you find yourself eligible to work in Luxembourg, then you can apply for jobs through these job portals:

ADEM: It is the official employment service website in Luxembourg, from which any job seeker can check out the latest job notifications and apply for jobs if he or she finds themselves eligible for the role.

Luxtoday: You can check out this Luxembourgish website founded in 2021, as it provides access to job opportunities from various sectors and also gives the latest up-to-date job news.

Other Job Portals


Check out the European Employment Services official website for more details regarding job portals and social networks.

Writing Job Application for Luxembourg Jobs

Your job application should be professional and should include your motive or aim for applying for this job position. Include your strong points and mention your previous experience in the job market.

Ok, these are some basic tips that I think everyone knows, but in what language should we write our job application? People speak several languages in that country, like French, German, English, and Luxembourgish.

Your job application should be written in the language used in the advertisement. And if you are applying to large multinational companies, then you should write in English or French.

Difficulties While applying for Luxembourg Jobs for Indians

The major difficulties while applying for Luxembourg Jobs for Indians are:

Language Barrier

The majority of people in Lu speak Luxembourgish and French, and these languages are often preferred by the employers in Lu. One must know these languages along with English while applying for Lu jobs. For some people, learning these languages can be complicated.

Limited Job Market

The job market in Lu is limited and does not have a shortage of labor in some sectors, which makes it difficult for people to get jobs in these sectors, and there can be the possibility of limited job opportunities.

Requires High Experience and Skills

Employers in Lu look for highly qualified candidates with years of experience and high skills, which makes it difficult for freshmen to get a job in Lu.

Local Preference

Some employers in Lu prefer locals or citizens of the EU to be selected for the job due to the long work permit process.


  1. What are the top companies hiring in Lu?

    According to Glassdoor, the top companies hiring in Lu are Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, RBC Investor Services, ING, and PayPal.

  2. What is the minimum employee salary in Lu?

    The minimum salary of an employee working Lu is €2,570.93, which is the highest compared to other European countries.

  3. Who are eligible for parental leave in LU?

    Parents who have children aged below 6 months are only allowed for parental leaves in Lu.