Why Government Jobs are Overrated in India?

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the most overrated job in India which is government job. But why government jobs are overrated in India? It’s because of society, our society gives too much priority to government jobs. It’s a craze in India that most of the students after 12th start preparing for government jobs.

If you use social media, then maybe you have seen several memes on Instagram about government jobs, that the guy who has a government job is going to have every girl mad for him, and so on, but is that true?
Competition in government jobs is too high because of the limited seats and high number of applicants. Some of the most popular exams students are preparing for are the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Let’s understand why government jobs are so overrated in India.

Why Government Jobs are in Demand

One of the main reasons people love government jobs is because of the job security and comfort it offers. A government job offers one of the best incentives along with salaries like job stability, benefits packages including health insurance and pensions, social status, bonuses, and many more. According to India today, from 2014 to 2022, over 22.5 crore applicants were filed for this job but only 7.22 lakh applicants were selected. The current data from 2023-24 is not available.

The demand for government jobs in India has never decreased; it has increased even more because of the benefits it offers. But is that true? Most of us don’t know the reality of government jobs.

Reality of Government Jobs

Common people think that a government employee has no workload pressure and has to do very little work compared to a normal employee and gets a high salary with a lot of vacations. If you think it’s true, then for your information, it’s not. In fact, a government employee has the same workload as a corporate job employer, and their salary is also way less than compared to a private employee.

Yes, there is job security in this job but do people who have skills really need job security? Job security is only for people who are worried about losing their jobs. Job security is good, but the promotion process is too slow because the promotion is based on seniority and not on work-based aspects.

Should You Consider Applying for Government job?

This question arises when you listen to positive and negative points about government jobs. It depends upon you whether you should apply for it or not, but keep in mind apply if only you have an interest in this field don’t just go away with anything that your friends are doing because it could be a big trouble in the future.

Although this field is highly competitive only the best one gets selected, if you are confident enough then it could be a good career choice for you. But never do things under pressure if you want to do, do it if not then don’t, never sacrifice your interest field for a specific job. Identify your interest and try to build a career around it like, if you are interested in coding then there are several job positions for you and coding is one of the most demanding skills in the market. Think about the jobs and careers you can build in your field and continue to work towards it.

Let get straight to the point if you are serious about pursuing your career in the government field, then you have to be good in studies to clear the exam of your choice. Some jobs required technical work and communication skills, so you have to be prepared accordingly.

Government job is a good option for people who seek job security and a stable monthly salary.

Which is a better option Government or Private Job

Which is a better option for you government or private job? This a controversial topic itself, if we talk about it everyone has a different opinion regarding this. But we can understand the major difference between these two using comparison chart:

AspectGovernment JobsPrivate Sector Jobs
Job SecurityGenerally higher due to stability of government.Variable; companies may close or restructure.
FlexibilityVaries; some jobs may offer telecommuting options.Varies; may offer flexible work hours or remote work.
PayTypically lower but stable.Potentially higher with more opportunities for raises.
Time OffGenerous with federal and potentially local holidays off.Varies; typically offer paid time off but may be less than government.
Benefits and Retirement PlansComprehensive health insurance, pension, 457(b) plans.May include health insurance, stock options, 401(k) plans.
Stability of BenefitsMore stable, less dependent on company’s financial performance.More variable, tied to company’s financial health.
Withdrawal Options for Retirement457(b) plans offer early withdrawal without penalty.401(k) plans with potential early withdrawal penalties.

Government job offers many benefits as mentioned in the chart above, but key benefit is job security.

Now if we talk about private jobs then it also offers a vast career option to you and salary is also higher compared to government job.

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Both jobs have their own pros and cons which can affect an individual’s choice.


Government job may be a good career choice, but you have to keep in mind that there are many other career options too. The motive of this article is to make you aware that you can do anything of your choice and don’t have to do things according to the trend everyone is following.

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