Top 10 Websites for Students to Sell Notes Online

In this digital era, everything is available digitally; you can access news, videos, pictures, and more things digitally. In the COVID phase, students were taking online classes and preparing notes digitally.

The demand for digital notes was on the rise when students were taking online classes and still, the demand for digital notes is on the rise as students need simple answers to their questions.

You can fulfill these demands by uploading or selling your old notes to needy students.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 websites on which you can sell notes online and make money by uploading your study notes, such as assessments, answer keys, exam notes, etc. 

Top 10 Websites to Sell Notes Online 

Sell study notes online

1. Studypool

Studypool is an online learning platform where students can ask questions about any topic or course. Students can also upload their study notes, which can help other students solve their problems. 

Studypool is one of the best platforms to sell notes online, whether they are digital or handwritten. According to StudyPool, they will pay you $10 per view on your uploaded document. 

Documents that you have uploaded typically take 48 hours to be processed, and only high-quality notes with valuable content will be approved.

You can also share your educational knowledge by solving questions asked by the students by becoming a tutor. Bid on every question asked by students, and the best bidder will get the opportunity to answer the question.

Check out the official website of Studypool to learn more about becoming a tutor.

2. MyStudyDoc

Just like other platforms, MyStudyDoc was created to help students by providing important notes shared by students. You can sell, buy, or share your documents with others through this platform.

The special thing about MyStudyDoc is that it gives $1 for every approved, high-quality study paper. You can upload your document and use this feature to earn a side income by sharing your notes online.

Make sure that the document you unload is a valuable and high-quality document, or else they will reject your documents.

3. OneClass

OneClass is a Canadian platform which is also a great choice for students who wants to earn money by selling notes, as it covers a wide range of courses and also helps you find notes in your field. 

By uploading documents on this platform, you can earn up to 20% recurring revenue whenever someone purchases the OneClass subscription from your document.

For every successfully uploaded document, you will get 50 knowledge points, which you can use to access advanced features on that platform.

4. UnifiedClass

This is not a widely known platform, but it is also a great platform for students. You can earn 20 credits for a single document uploaded on this platform and can set your selling price too. 

You can also earn by answering questions, and they pay you 1 study point ($1) for every question you answer. It also has a referral program where you can earn 1 study point ($1) for every 5 referrals (20 credits per referral).

You can unlock various notes and documents using study points, or you can simply convert your points into cash (where 1 study point = $1).

5. Docsity

Docity is an online note-selling platform for students where you can upload notes and earn money by setting the price of your documents. You will earn money whenever someone downloads your document.

Just like UnifiedClass, this platform also gives you 20 blue points for every document you upload, and you can collect these blue points by doing various activities on this platform.

Blue points can be used to unlock notes and documents on Docsity.

6. Stuvia

Stuvia attracts visitors from various countries and helps you sell your notes very quickly through its marketing. Just like on other platforms, you can upload your study notes and convert them into money through Stuvia. 

An average seller can earn $76 per month by uploading notes on this platform and can earn an average of $4 per sale. According to their marketing team, sellers can generate their first sale within 3 days after uploading their documents.

7. Studydrive

It is one of the best online platforms to sell notes online, and it gives $10 for every 10 approved high-quality documents that you upload.

You can also earn rewards in the form of credits by answering questions, which you can redeem in the gift store of Studydrive.

It also has a referral program where you will get 200 credits for every successful referral.

8. NotesGen

NotesGen is an Indian platform established in 2015 that allows students to buy and sell study notes.

Using NotesGen, you can share or upload your academic notes and earn income by doing so. The best thing about NotesGen is that it doesn’t allow anyone to copy or download your documents; instead, it allows users to view the documents in the app.

9. Docmerit

Docmerit is another one of the best online platforms to sell notes online. On this platform, you can upload any type of document or notes related to any course that provides value to the students and can set your selling price for the document you have uploaded.

For every download, you will earn a commission of up to 85% of the price that you have set, which you can easily withdraw using PayPal.

10. Nexus Notes

This is also a fantastic platform on which you can sell your study notes online. It is a subscription-based platform where Nexus shares a part of its subscription earnings with sellers.

Nexus pays you whenever your documents or notes are accessed; just upload your study notes and earn a side income with Nexus Notes.

Things to Remember While Uploading Documents

  1. Upload your original notes and do not copy from other sources, or else your documents will not be recommended by these online platforms to other students.
  2. Upload high-quality, valuable, and well-structured notes, as these platforms give preference to the documents that fulfill these requirements, and it increases your chances of getting more views and sales.
  3. Write proper headings and descriptions for the document, as students can find your documents easily by searching for common terms.
  4. Don’t overprice your notes, and set an affordable and reasonable price according to your efforts and market demand.
  5. Don’t upload unnecessary notes or assessments just for money, and try to focus on quality over quantity.


Q1. What are the best websites to sell notes online?

1. Studypool
2. Studydrive
3. Stuvia
4. Mystudydoc
5. Nexus notes

Q2. How much can I earn per week by selling my notes online?

You can earn an average of up to $76 per month by selling notes online.

Q3. Are online notes selling websites legit?

Yes, these sites are legit and pays you for uploading high-quality and valuable study notes.

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