Top 7 College Review Websites for Students to Earn Pocket Money

If you are a college student looking for pocket money, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the best college review websites on which you can share your reviews regarding different colleges and earn a decent income.

There are plenty of college review websites, but we have found the best college review websites for you. Here are the top 7 websites:

Top 7 College review and Earn Websites

College review and earn websites for students

We all know that college review websites are to find reviews regarding your favorite colleges, so we are not going to talk about the features and types of reviews you can find on these review websites. 

We’re going to talk about how much you can get paid on these websites for writing reviews, so let’s see the top review websites: 

College Help

College Help is one of the highest paying college review websites on which you can earn up to Rs 500 for each quality review. The reward will be automatically sent to your Paytm account within 48 hours after the approval of the review.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions before writing the review.

College dunia

College Duniya is one of the most popular college review websites in India, and it also pays up to 500 rupees for a single approved review and a minimum of 100 rupees. You will get up to 1000 points (500 rupees) for every approved review and you will receive your cash reward in your Paytm account within 48 hours.

They also have a referral program where you can share your referral code with your friends and get 200 points (100 rupees) for every approved review given by your friends.

The special thing about this referral program is that you will get a 200 rupee cash reward for every approved review on MBA obtained through a referral.

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Zollege pays up to Rs 1000 for every detailed and quality review on its website, which is very high compared to the websites mentioned above. It also pays a minimum of Rs 100 for every approved review.

College students

It is one of the highest-paying websites, which provides you with money worth your time for writing a detailed review. The longer and more detailed the review, the higher the chances of getting more money. 

College Batch

College Batch pays you a minimum of 100 rupees for a single review, and if your review is long, detailed, and includes facts, then 50 paisa may be paid per word for your review.

The maximum payout will be decided by your content quality, so make sure you write a proper and well-researched college review. You can easily cash out your reward using Paytm or UPI.

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Shiksha is also a very popular college review platform where people share their college experience. Shiksha gives up to 500 rupees for every approved review, which you can easily cash out using Paytm. You will get 50 rupees once you sign up and complete your profile.


Vidyavision is a decent website that pays you up to 100 rupees for every approved review you submit and gives a minimum of 10 rupees, which you can cash out using Phone Pay and Paytm.

The review will be approved if valid within 15 days after the submission and the reward will be given accordingly.

Entrance Zone

Entrance zone pays you straight forward 100 rupees for your submitted college review which you can easily withdraw using Paytm or UPI.

Summary Table

WebsiteHighest Reported PaymentPayment MethodAdditional Notes
College Help₹500Paytm (within 48 hours of approval)Focuses on experience sharing, not guaranteed maximum.
Collegedunia₹500Paytm (within 48 hours of approval)Points system, might have limited cash redemption options.
Shiksha₹500PaytmFocuses on experience sharing, not guaranteed maximum.
ZollegeUp to ₹1000Not explicitly stated (possibly points for discounts or limited cash redemption)Rewards points for quality reviews, redemption method unclear.
College BatchUp to variable based on word count (min. ₹100 + ₹0.50/word)Paytm or UPIHigher payout for longer, detailed reviews.
Vidyavision₹110 (₹10 base + potential ₹100 bonus)Paytm or PhonePeMinimum ₹10 reward, bonus for high quality.
EntranceZone₹100Paytm (within 30 days of approval)Straightforward payment, no guaranteed maximum.

These are some websites on which you can share your reviews on various college and can earn pocket money for your personal expenses.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing a College Review

  1. Write an original review and share the key points of your experience and don’t copy from others.
  2. Be specific and don’t use any bad language in your review.
  3. Include facts and try not to exaggerate things just to make your review longer.
  4. Try to write detailed and longer reviews on selected colleges as these websites pay more for these selected colleges.
  5. Don’t include any unnecessary points as it will increase your chances of rejection.

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