What screams I am educated but is not?

Have you ever wondered what screams I am educated but is not? They are some kind of people who are educated but have no common intelligence and think that they are always right and can never be proved wrong. Once they achieve any kind of degree or qualification, they think everyone is illiterate and that they are the ones who know everything.

Note: Not everyone falls into this category, but only the ones who are illiterate, and once they achieve anything, they think they know more than everyone else.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you are standing with your friends in a group and are discussing your vacation plan. Everyone is talking about their experience and the places they want to go on vacation. But suddenly one of your over-smart friends with a rude tone says, “I have the opportunity to go to Asia for my vacations, but instead I chose to go to Japan.”.

Signs of Education without Intelligence

Here some signs of education without intelligence:

Lack of Critical Thinking Skills

Usually, people with less intelligence lack critical thinking skills. They find it difficult to think practically and according to the situation as they only know theoretical knowledge that cannot be applied everywhere.

They just come to a conclusion without thinking about the consequences of their decision.

Education without intelligence
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Misuse of Knowledge

Once an idiot becomes educated, they use their knowledge everywhere, irrelevantly. They always try to show that they have done this or achieved this, they just always talk about their milestones with people.

If someone corrects them, then they will regret it because the idiots will never accept that they are wrong or incorrect and will try to cover up everything by showing their degree or educational qualifications. 

Stick to Outdated Information

They always stick to outdated information or with the information they heard first; they just don’t adapt to the latest information and research and declare new discoveries as false information or simply deny with the facts, even if there is pure evidence against them.

Shows no Interest in Learning new Things

As said earlier, they stay with outdated information and techniques and also show no interest in learning new things. They believe that what they have learned is enough for them and also think that their degree or education has given them all the necessary knowledge they need in life.

It is important to adapt and learn new things to keep up with the rapidly evolving world, which they don’t see as a necessity for them. 

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Sees Admitting Mistakes as a Sign of Weakness

Whenever someone proves them wrong, they view this as a sign of weakness rather than seeing it as an opportunity to learn something and admit their mistake.

This is a very common sign that indicates that a person is educated but is not intelligent enough to think and react properly.

These are some common signs that defines a person is educated but has less intelligence than others.

Importance of Education as well as Intelligence

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Education and intelligence are equally important for everyone. Educational qualifications alone cannot define a person’s intelligence. Education is learning new things and skills and equipping yourself with knowledge, whereas intelligence is related to the mental process, which includes critical thinking and making decisions accordingly.

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Education can develop intelligence through learning new things and techniques. A lot of people directly link a person’s intelligence with their education, but it’s not education defines a person in which field he/she is good at specifically.

Both education and intelligence contribute to proper thinking and proper analysis of data. One cannot make critical decisions without intelligence but also cannot think diversely if he/she is less educated.

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