Is SSC CGL Worth Preparing in 2024?

SSC-CGL is one of the exams that students are preparing for. But a question arises when students get confused: is SSC CGL worth preparing? Most of the students have doubts about which exam is better for getting a good and secure government job.

In this article, we are going to discuss about SSC CGL and whether anyone should consider preparing for it or not.

Is SSC CGL Worth Preparing

Coming to the question, is SSC CGl worth preparing? It depends if you are too good and disciplined in your studies, are dedicated towards your goals, and want to serve your nation. Then you can easily achieve any higher post after clearing any exam like UPSC, as UPSC exams require discipline, patience, and hard work. But if you want a secured and well-reputed job, then you can go for SSC, as SSC provides stable and well-reputed job posts.

In simple words yes SSC CGL is worth preparing if you want a secured job and a stable monthly income.

Most people say UPSC is the best, as after clearing the exams, you get group A posts like IAS( Indian Administrative Services), IPS (Indian Police Services), IRS( Indian Revenue Services), and more high authority posts. But as we know, clearing UPSC is not that easy for everyone to do. 

Whereas after clearing SSC CGL you get group B or C posts like Income tax inspector, Assistant Audit Officer, Assistant Account Officer, and many more. But it is less competitive compared to UPSC but also not as easy as you think.

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Job Preference in India

Students need to understand their goals and then select the exams they can clear. I know it’s your choice, but students need to understand their capabilities and skills that they are good at. 

People always demand the best, whether it is a product, service, or job. They compare everything before choosing and make decisions accordingly. But if all people want a particular post or job, then what is the purpose of other jobs?

For example, if an IAS position is lower than CM, then why will anyone go for UPSC? when one can become a CM. If a CM position is lower than a PM, then why will anyone become a CM? If they can become a PM. Comparison is okay, but over-comparing things is not. Choose anything according to your goals and needs.

Which Exam is Easy to Clear SSC or UPSC?

Everyone knows how hard it is to clear the UPSC exams and interviews. People think SSC exams are easy to clear as the SSC provides lower posts compared to UPSC, but SSC has its own things. If you think SSC syllabus is easy, then you are wrong. Clearing SSC also takes a lot of study and hard work. Ask the students who are preparing for SSC seriously about how they have to go through their 5th to 12th grade syllabus for just 25 math questions.

Both exams have their own difficulties and benefits, so make sure you choose the best field for your future, and if anyone compares these two, then they clearly don’t know about the struggle and discipline of students who are in their respective posts. Remember you can clear any exam through your consistency, hard work, and patience so work on it.

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