Top 5 Survey Websites with no Disqualifications You Should Try

Many of you have tried making money online with the help of survey websites and may have done a lot of research to find a legit survey website that pays a decent amount for each survey. At starting you may have fun making money with the survey websites but sometimes it starts getting irritating when they disqualify you from the survey for no reason even if you are filling the survey legitimately.

Because of these issues, we are going to discuss the top 5 survey websites with no disqualification. Here you can fill out surveys without the fear of getting disqualified.

Top 5 Survey Websites with no Disqualification

Here are the top best survey websites with no disqualifications:

YouGov India

Study typesPayment method BonusMinimum cashout balanceRewards processing time
Online surveys, product reviews, and more.Bank transfer and gift vouchers (Rewards may vary by country).500 points sign up bonus.35000 points ($15) required in US (may vary by country).Usually takes 2-3 days.

YouGov is one of the most credible survey websites that offers a wide range of surveys that can be easily filled out without any fear of getting disqualified. There are only limited ways to cash out on the YouGov India server, but if you sign up on the US server, then there are multiple ways available to cash out from this website, like direct bank transfers to various gift cards.

I have personally used YouGov, and it has not disappointed me. YouGov gives surveys according to your interests and you will not get bored while filling out the surveys. I cased out $50 two days ago and in total, I have made up to $200 in the past few months.

YouGov India


Study typesPayment methodBonusMinimum cashout balanceRewards processing time
Online surveysPayPalOccasionally rewards by researchers.£5 for payment request.Payments are given every Tuesday and Friday.

Prolific is the most popular and legit survey site that gives you surveys ranging from 10 cents to $10. This is not an ordinary survey site that gives you typical surveys related to consumer study and product review instead, they give you academic surveys that are easy to fill and understand.

The preferred currency of this website is GBP, and you need at least £5 to cash out and you can easily convert GBP into your local currency using PayPal.

Study typesPayment methodBonusMinimum cashout balanceRewards processing time
Online surveysPayPal and gift cards
(rewards processing within 72 hours of request).
Adjusted payments based on trait score.$15 USDWithin 72 hours of request.

When it comes to no survey disqualification and decent earnings, Paidviewpoint comes at the top. This website enables us to fill out surveys without any fear of disqualification, like other websites mentioned, and can help you generate decent pocket money for weekly expenses.

At the start, you will get a 48-cent welcome bonus as you sign up and will give short surveys to understand your demographics. As you fill out short surveys, the chances of getting a big survey opportunity increase. Paidviewpoint uses email to make you aware of survey opportunities available so that you will not miss any earning opportunities.

Testable Minds

Study typesPayment methodBonusMinimum cashout balanceRewards processing time
Online mobile surveys, focus groups, and more.PayPal, bank transfer, gift cards, prepaid debit/credit cards.$20 USDWithin 72 hours of request.

Maybe you are listening to this name for the first time, but this is also popular and a legit, no-disqualifying survey website that gives you a chance to make decent monthly pocket money. 

You can earn here by filling out surveys and also through the referral program, and you will get $1 per sign-up, which is a plus point. Once you have reached $20, you can cash out using PayPal and can also request a direct bank transfer.

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TGM panel

Study typesPayment methodBonusMinimum cashout balanceRewards processing time
Online surveysPayPal and gift cardsExtra rewards after completing surveys.$10 USD
Within 72 hours of request.

TGM panel offers surveys with a time duration not longer than 30 minutes and provides an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface. It has multiple cash-out options like PayPal, gift cards, retail e-vouchers, and prepaid credit and debit cards. You can receive points after the completion of each survey, where 1 point is worth $1, which is a great deal. You can cash out gift vouchers and Gcode rewards once you have reached $10 in your account.

These are the top 5 survey websites with no disqualification I have found on the internet, but I have not mentioned some of the websites because of their bad or critical ratings by the users. Sites like Quick thoughts and Pinecone Research are some websites I have not mentioned because of their poor ratings by users.

Things to Keep in mind Before Signing up

Now you may have wanted to sign up on these platforms, but every coin has two sides; similarly, there are some pros and cons of these websites. Although they don’t disqualify you from the survey, the number of surveys provided may be less compared to any typical survey website. Also, remember that these websites can ask you some quality check questions in between the survey to check your attention span, and if you fill them wrong, they will disqualify you from the survey immediately, so make sure you don’t rush through the survey and read the questions properly. 

Here is an example of quality check questions:

If you want more surveys, then you have to keep patience as these websites take time to understand your demographics and give surveys accordingly. You can also sign up on traditional survey sites like Ysense, Toluna, Survey Junkie, and many more to get regular surveys, but the chances of getting disqualified are higher compared to these websites mentioned here in the article.

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