How to Qualify for Every Survey Online

Hey peeps, today in this article we are going to discuss “How to Qualify for Every Survey” you click on. This is an advanced guide that will help you qualify for every survey. We are not going to talk about normal points like filling out your profile properly or reading the questions properly; all of you may have done this but still are not able to qualify for any survey.

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience and some advanced points that will surely increase your chances of qualifying for every survey.

Advance Tips to Qualify for Every Survey

Before starting here is a basic tip that will help you to qualify for every online survey.

So, the tip is that you have to complete the survey as soon as possible when it arrives on the dashboard because the survey has a limited quota for every age group, mostly those over 18, and if it gets filled out, they will automatically disqualify you from the survey.

This is a basic thing you have to keep in mind that will help you to qualify for surveys easily. Now here are the advance tips to qualify for every survey:

Fill Out the Profile Properly

Wait, I said I was not going to cover this point but wait here are some points you have to keep in mind while filling out the profile. Most of you don’t pay attention while filling out the profile or just fill it out randomly, but some things affect your survey opportunities when you fill out your profile. Now, coming to the point, if you mention that you have no interest in certain activities like watching movies, playing games, or going out in your profile, then you are missing the surveys related to all these topics. 

Filling out different activities on your profile can automatically help you qualify for the survey and will also help you get more surveys related to the specific activities you have selected in your profile.

The same goes for vehicles; the profile may ask you how many vehicles or what types of vehicles you have, and if you mention that you have no car or whatever, then you are missing out on the surveys related to cars or certain types of vehicles. As these survey providers give surveys by analyzing your profile, make sure to fill it out properly.

Understand the Motive of the Survey

While filling out the survey, most of you don’t understand the purpose of the survey. If the survey is about shopping, groceries, or skincare, then most of the survey providers want responses from females, and if the survey topic is related to smoking, business, or work, then they want responses from males. Some of the survey topics depend on gender responses, as the proper gender can answer accurately based on their experience on the related topics.

How to qualify for every survey

If the survey topic is irrelevant to you, then you can ask your brother or sister to fill out the survey properly, as they can provide quality answers. Most of the survey gives information about survey topics so that you can understand who is better suited to answer the survey.

Understand the motive of the survey and then provide answers accordingly, which will reduce your chances of getting disqualified.

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Fill the Screening Questions Properly

Now if we talk about the screening questions, the most common question asked is “What industry do you or any of your household members work for?” and the best answer to this question is none of the above. The market research company doesn’t accept responses from people who are working in the same industry the survey topic is about. For example, if the survey topic is related to IT jobs and if you select the same industry in the screening question, you will be disqualified to avoid biased answers, and if you select none of the above then you can easily qualify for the survey.

Now if we talk about more screening questions like educational qualifications, age factors, and income, here are some responses to these questions you can fill in to easily qualify for surveys.

First, the educational qualification question, if you are highly qualified, then it’s not a problem; you can fill in anything according to your choice, but if you are not then you can fill in” secondary school graduated.” If the survey asks your age, and if you fill less than 18, you will be disqualified immediately because the survey sites accept responses from 18-plus members. Now for the income questions, you can fill them anywhere in the middle, not less or too high.

Bonus Tip

The bonus tip is that the location you fill in on your profile also affects your survey invitation chances. Especially if you are from India, filling up top-tier states or cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, or Kolkata in your profile can increase your chances of getting more surveys. These survey providers look for responses from people living in large cities.

And if we talk about selecting the country, then the US, Canada, UK, India, Russia, and many more top-tier countries are there to choose from. These survey websites focus on top-tier countries to get survey responses and also give more survey opportunities to the people living in these top-tier countries.


These tips can solve your query, “How to Qualify for Every Survey,” and I hope that this guide can provide you with some value that you can use to qualify for any survey you want.

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