Top Niches for Quora Space in 2024

There are various ways to make money online. People try to join their favorite platform, from which they can earn money by showing their passion and skills. But making money online is not as easy as you think if you have no skills or plans to execute. People use various social media apps during their leisure time. But making money using social media platforms by showing your skills is also a special skill.

Using Quora, you can also earn money by showing your skills and sharing information by creating a Quora space. If you don’t know what Quora is, let me tell you. Quora is a question-and-answer platform on which you can ask various questions, and people will try to answer them based on their personal experience and knowledge. 

People use Quora for various things other than just asking questions like affiliate marketing, backlinks creation, generating traffic, and more.

Quora space is a good way to gain knowledge on a specific topic of your interest and it is also a way to earn money by creating a Quora space.

In this article, we will see the top niches for Quora space on which you can create a space.

Top Niches for Quora Space

1. Fashion

Fashion is one of the most popular and evergreen topics on the internet, and if you create a space on Quora on fashion with budget then it will attract a lot of target audiences to your space. Share tips and budget-friendly fashion advice for building an affordable fashion wardrobe.

You can also share brand deals and offers in your space, as people love discounts. Through this, you can also generate affiliate sales.

2. DIY Natural Cosmetics Products 

Skincare has now become an essential thing in everyone’s routine, and quality and natural skin care products are too costly for some people.

So, you can share homemade skincare product recipes in your space. Most people like natural skin care products, as products from companies, include several chemicals. You can share natural skincare product recipes with the people who need them.

You can cover topics like natural homemade face masks, hair masks, and shampoo (Amla, Ritha, and Shikkai).

3. Apps and websites review

Share your reviews on apps and websites on Quora. People search for app review queries on Google, and in fact, they find a website related to that query, but one thing that is lacking is a personal opinion about the app or website in the review.

Review websites just give information and analysis of a particular app or website they are reviewing. You can share your personal views on any particular website or app that people search for, as people believe in personal reviews. 

People also search for queries like “Astro talk review Quora/Reddit.” This query means that people search for reviews from a particular website, to see personal reviews of people on Quora and Reddit, as these websites are open-source public platforms on which people share their views openly (without any promotions).

4. History

History is one of the most popular and most searched topics as people are curious to know what happened in the past and what’s the actual truth. History is an interesting and eye-catching topic that can generate more engagement, and everyone would like to know more about it.

Cover famous topics like WW2, the Cold War, the Great India movement, and more. Create engaging posts around these famous topics and cover the mysteries, facts, and conspiracy theories.

5. Relationship and Dating

People mostly search for dating-related questions on Quora, and if you have expertise in this niche then you can attract a large audience to your space. It is an evergreen topic that people mostly search on the internet and other social media platforms as well.

6. Remote work and jobs

Another popular topic that people search for on the internet very often. People look for job advice and money-making techniques on the internet and Quora as well. You can share your expertise and advice through a Quora space on this topic.

There are questions people have in mind related to their jobs, and you can answer these questions by taking help from professionals (as you cannot answer every question related to different job positions) and can build a quality audience.

Create content on money-making techniques and share your experience and challenges you have faced while on the journey to create trust and gain followers.

7. Ai tools

With the rise of AI technology, many AI tools have been created to make your work easier and more time-saving. Tools like Chat GPT, Google Gemini, Eleven labs, and Grammarly are commonly used AI tools by freelancers to make their work more appealing and efficient.

You can create content on various AI tools in your Quora space, suggesting which tool is best for a particular piece of work, and you can also review these AI tools in your space.

This type of content will help freelancers and content creators find out which AI tool is better for them. You can also create content on AI tools free alternatives, as most of the AI tools are paid.

8. Cryptocurrency

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular topics among the people. Crypto is an emerging topic that people want to know more about. You can discuss topics like NFTs, crypto education, crypto trading, crypto news and updates and more.

These are some popular niches in which you can create your space in Quora, but remember, if you have interest and experience in any other niche, then you can go for it because you can create more informational and effective content in your interested niche and can provide more value to your audience.

Q1. What are the popular niches for Quora space?

1. Cryptocurrency
2. Budget fashion
3. History and facts
4. AI
5. Jobs and remote work
6. DIY natural cosmetics products

Q2. How can I earn money from Quora space?

You can monetize your Quora space with Quora ads and can also add subscriptions for premium content in your space.

Q3. How can I maximize my earnings on Quora?

You can increase your earnings through affiliate marketing, space subscriptions, and partner program.

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