What is respin.iisc.ac.in? Can You Get a Remote Job with Respin 

These days, it is too difficult to find legit jobs online, and if you do, then it is probably a scam if they are asking you to deposit money or invest money. If you are looking for a legit website to find a online job, then respin.iisc.ac.in is for you.

If you have doubts about what respin.iisc.ac.in is, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about this government website in detail to understand how you can get a job from this website and what its purpose and goals are.

What is respin.iisc.ac.in

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Respin.iisc.ac.in is a government website created by the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (ISCC) to provide jobs to people who seek to work online. There are various jobs available that are divided into two categories: “general openings” and “research openings”.

Purpose and Goals of respin.iisc.ac.in

SPEECH RECOGNITION IN AGRICULTURE AND FINANCE FOR THE POOR IN INDIA (respin.iisc.ac.in) is a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its purpose is to create an AI voice-assisting app that can talk in local Indian languages.

  As per the source, nine Indian languages are considered for this project: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Magadhi, Chhattisgarhi, and Maithili. To collect data on local languages, they are providing jobs to people who can read and speak any of these languages.

Jobs like content writing, language translation, sentence composition, and more are provided to you to perform the given task in your local language.

Work from Home Jobs Available in Respin IISC

There are various jobs available on this respin.iisc.ac.in which are divided into two categories, general and research openings. Let’s talk about the jobs available in both of the categories.

Job TitleDescriptionPayment
Speech RecordingRecord speeches on given topics in your local language with friends and family.Rs 900 per hour
Sentence CompositionCreate 8-15 word sentences using provided words without grammatical errors.Rs 1000 per 200 sentences
Sentence TranslationTranslate provided sentences into your local language manually, without using any translation tools.Rs 2000 per 1000 sentences
Language ExpertValidate the quality of audio files provided, especially in preferred languages.Rs 1 per file

General Openings

There is a total of 4 work from home jobs available currently in this category, and undergraduates or above can apply for this work from home jobs.

1. Speech Recording

This job is as easy as it sounds. A file will be provided to you related to any topic by their team, and you have to talk about this topic in your local language with your friends and family members while recording the speech.

Generally, the topics given are related to agriculture, finance, and general domains. Rs 900 per hour is paid for an effective speech on the given topic.

2. Sentence Composition

Various words will be given to you by the respin team to perform this job and by using these words you have to create 8-15 words long sentences without making any grammatical mistakes.

Rs 1000 per 200 sentences will be paid to you for doing this task.

3. Sentence Translation

For this respin iisc job, a set of sentences will be given to you in your selected language, and you have to simply translate the sentences into your local languages. 

Make sure that you don’t use any tools, such as Google Translate or any other AI tool, to translate the sentences; otherwise, the work submitted will be rejected and no remuneration will be paid.

Rs 2000 per 1000 sentences will be paid to you for performing this task.

4. Language expert

The last job in this category is language expert, and for this respin iisc job, some audio text pairs will be given to you, and your task is to check the quality of the audio files.

Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Magadhi, Chhattisgarhi, and Maithili are some preferred languages for this job, and if you have a degree in any of these languages, then more chances are there for you to get this job, and also the natives of Bhojpuri and Hindi will get more preference.

You have to validate 300–400 audio files every day, and 1 rupee per file will be paid to you. 

Respin iisc jobs

Research Openings

There are also 4 work from home jobs available in this category but you need to have a certain degree to get these jobs. 

Job TitleDescriptionSalaryQualifications
Postdoctoral Research AssociateDevelop speech recognition program using tools like Kaldi or Pytorch.1,20,000 INR– PhD in computer science, signal processing, or related field.
Research AssociateAssist in building translator tool’s core technology. Check audio and text data quality.65,000 INR– Master’s degree in computer science or related field. – Bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ experience also eligible.
Data Management SpecialistValidate and maintain data quality.40,000 INR– Bachelor’s degree. – Experience in data management, SQL. – Programming skills in Python, C/C++.
Research Intern in SpeechImprove language models for ASR using deep learning.10,000 INR– Experience in speech recognition, deep learning, etc. – Pursuing PhD or master’s in engineering.

1. Postdoctoral Research Associate

In this job position, you have to create a speech recognition program using tools like Kaldi, Pytorch, or any other machine-learning platform, that can turn human spoken words into text.

 In simple words, you have to make the computer understand what people are saying and it is called automatic speech recognition (ASR).

You will be working along with a team that is collecting data on spoken Indian languages and your task is to check the quality of the recording.

 Once the tool is built successfully you have to dockerize it means that you have to make it easy for others to download and use the tool easily on their computers.

Also, you will have to write articles about your research and the speech recognizer tool you built, which will the scientists and researchers to understand and learn about the project.

You will get a salary of 1,20,000 INR per month for working in this position.

Qualification Required
  1. A PhD in computer science, signal processing, speech technology, or any other relevant skills to do research properly with the team.
  2. An individual who has strong programming skills and is familiar with Python, C/C++, and Linux will be given more preference.
  3. Working experience with tools like Kaldi, Pytorch, and any other machine learning platforms.
  4. A strong publication record with top journals and academic conferences is also required.
  5. To know more check out the official page here.

2. Research Associate

In this respin iisc position, you will play a crucial role by helping the team build the core technology of the translator tool. You will also have to use your computer skills to check the quality of audio recordings and text data collected by the team.

For this role, you will get a monthly salary of 65,000 INR.

Qualifications Required
  1. A master’s or equivalent degree in computer science, signal processing, speech technology, or any other relevant skills.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree holder with two years of experience can also apply.
  3. A good experience in machine learning, signal processing, statistics, applied mathematics, optimization, and linear algebra.
  4. Prior experience in speech recognition.
  5. Strong coding skills in C/C++ and Python.

3. Data Management Specialist

For this role, you have to check and validate the quantity and quality of the data collected by the data collection team. Overall, your role is to maintain and ensure the quality of the data collected by the team.

For this position, you will get a monthly salary of 40,000 INR.

Qualification Required
  1. Must have a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Experience in data management and SQL.
  3. Good programming skills in Python and C/C++.
  4. Good communication skills,
  5. Good webpage and web app development skills.

4. Research Intern in Speech

In this role, you will be asked to improve the language models for automatic speech recognition by using computer programs called deep learning and neural networks. 

10,000 rupees is your monthly salary for this job.

Qualification Required
  1. Experience in topics like speech recognition, speaker identification, language detection, speech synthesis, and deep learning.
  2. Currently pursuing PhD or master’s in engineering major.
  3. Strong coding skills in Python and C/C++.
  4. Working experience with machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Caffe, and Theano.
  5. Strong analytical and algorithmic skills.

To know about the qualifications criteria for any job position you can check out their official website.


Q1. What is Respin IISC purpose for providing online jobs?

The purpose behind Repin IISC for providing jobs is to create an AI voice assisting app which can talk in 9 Indian local languages.

Q2. What are the 9 languages that the AI voice assistant created by respin team talk in?

Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Magadhi, Chhattisgarhi, and Maithili.

Q3. Who funded the Respin IISC project?

The Respin IISC project is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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